Disaster Recovery and

Business Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery and

Business Continuity 


BCP and DR go hand in hand, especially after the pandemic.  Many companies were caught off guard and did not have a plan to deal with a work from home scenario.  We have heard a lot of companies say "you can't prepare for a pandemic", however, you can plan for a disaster.  We view the pandemic as a type of disaster and enabling remote workers utilizing VDI, VPN or even just the M365 suite to collaborate and share for your employees. 

Disaster recovery planning should include your environment backed up in multiple ways.  Because of cyber security threats, backup planning should include a type of cold storage.  Many, many companies have been locked out of their files because hackers will encrypt an entire environment, this is where cold backups in your disaster recovery plan come into play.  Planning for any disaster is not possible, but planning for multiple scenarios  should be part of the plan.

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