Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Cyber Security can be a confusing and complicated area of your business.  STEP Innovations can help you navigate by providing useful training for identification of malicious email and email attachments, and give guidance on email spam/antivirus filtering services.   We will provide input on the most cost effective and best solutions for next generation firewalls and desktop/server antivirus.  We will work with our partners to create policies and procedures for items like mobile device management, multi-factor authentication and password policies that work with your business goals.  As more companies move to Saas (Software as a service) IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service) STEP Innovations can help secure your cloud and corporate environment reducing potential attacks.

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In office or virtual lunch and learns or presentations to provide staff with more information and skills on cyber security.

Module Based Training

We can coordinate module based cyber security training that staff can do online and on their own schedule.

Test Campaigns

We can provide online test and even simulate phishing emails to staff to test their ability to detect phishing emails.